Free Dummy Logos Every Sunday

Are you looking for some professional and free placeholder logos for your design projects? If yes then you are at the perfect place. We share high-quality free dummy logos every Sunday on our website.

About Dummy Logos

Sometimes we come across situations where the whole project is ready but just because of a few finalizations, we have to delay its execution. Logos fall big-time in this category.

This is because they are something that needs both creative vision and graphic designing expertise coupled together to perfection. Needless to say, all this takes time much more than we expect. Also, a logo is something that represents your brand and will stay with it right till the very end. So, obviously, you do not want it to be anything but perfect.

At Dummy Logos, we work to help you and your business negate this issue to make sure that your operations are not affected just because of a small problem.

Dummy Logos gives you free placeholder logos that you can put on display on your project because there has to be something on the top left corner. It just does not look good empty.

There a variety of designs that you can select from and use on your system. Also, needless to say, they come absolutely free as our aim is to just help you out with this solution and not earn money from it.

All logos downloaded from Dummy Logos can be used in any personal or commercial project without any restrictions. You may also modify the logos according to your needs on your favorite editing software.

License and Terms of use

What's allowed:

  • All logos can be downloaded for free.
  • Can be used for both personal or commercial projects.
  • Attribution is not required, but appreciated.

What's not allowed:

  • You cannot use these logos for creating a similar service or app like ours.

Why Are Placeholder Logos Important?

Do I really need a placeholder logo? What if let the space be empty for the time being? These are some of the questions that often come in a designer's mind. We strongly suggest you to use a placeholder logo till the time your final design is not ready. This is because an empty void space in the top-left corner looks rather odd and in some cases very unprofessional. So, it is only better to use a dummy logo rather than no logo at all.

Why Dummy Logos?

Dummy Logos provide you with multiple designs curated in way that they fit every possible graphic or UI such that they go perfectly with the layout. One of our specialities is that we believe in utter simplicity and our logos too are simple so that do not over-excite the user.

How often do you upload new logos?

We upload new free dummy logos everyday Sunday.

Logos Available in PNG, SVG Formats

One more advantage of using Dummy Logos is that all the logos listed on our website are available in 2 different types of formats: PNG & SVG.

As all of them have their own benefits, the user is free to download any of them according to his / her choice.